1. Back to #Jeddah!! and already drowning in work… paper work.. site visits.. employ complaints..preparation for opening .. social commitments .. Alhamdellah family catch up.. Can I go back please :( Kidding!!! Stay tuned! #JCClinic #Spa #LuxurySpas #SpasAroundTheWorld #KingsRoadTower #DermatologistHardAtWork #LoveMyJob #Creativity #WorkMood

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ my new handmade #BlackPearl #Scottish #Ring from @gifted_jed ❗️❗️❗️ #Jeddah #jewelry #elegant design! #Repost from @gifted_jed with @repostapp —- Mystery black #pearls #rings #jeddahjewellery

  3. Packed and getting ready to COME HOME! #MyIstanbul and Istanbulians ❤️ Thank you!!! 💋💋💋for #MyBestSummer in years! I will be taking a part of you with me and I will leave part of my heart with you! You enriched me culturally! Something my soul was craving.. (Art..music.. City walks.. magical bosphore) Learned so much about your wonderful city .. Meet amazing people .. Learned some Turkish teşekkür ederim 😘.. And most of all You let me be able to just be me..(no make up or fake smile) you brought me my natural smile back Mashallah alhamdellah .. something I will try to remember when I’m back to Jeddah.. My beloved.. Görüşürüz Xxxxx 💋💋💋

  4. ❤️

  5. Today is about .. “Take it easy and enjoy the view” ;) day.. #TurkishCoffee.. that aroma! .. my @newbeauty and @americanspamag magazines .. #TurkishMusic #Jazz in the background .. #Relax #Lazy #SummerDays #MyIstanbul #LiveLoveLife ❤️💋🎶

  6. Today is about .. “Take it easy and enjoy the view” ;) day.. #TurkishCoffee.. that aroma! .. my @newbeauty and @americanspamag magazines .. #TurkishMusic #Jazz in the background .. #Relax #Lazy #SummerDays #MyIstanbul #LiveLoveLife ❤️💋🎶

  7. #Tea shopping for our upcoming #Spa cafe .. 20 selections and some mixed recipes for different benefits.. It’s all about #Zen and #Antioxidants .. Can’t wait for our grand opening.. Stay tuned! #KingRoadTower #JCClinics .. #LuxurySpas #SpasAroundTheWorld #AllTheWayFromTurkeyWithLove #OnlyTheBest 😉😍😘💆💋

  8. Every one who knows me.. Knows I LOVE Accessories.. Most of all I enjoy browsing for silver and stone jewelry at #TheGrandBazaar (@drsali I started laughing once I got there I still remember your story 😂😘) .. My finds yesterday! <3 each piece .. And I love anything that’s hand made.. The feeling that personal care was put into something makes me happy when I wear it. The turquoise pieces were hand made by a lady in a small shop in one of the narrow streets beside the grand bazaar .. Loved watching her work away so delicately .. I wanted to buy everything she made.. @drjjkhan I’ll let you show yours that you wanted hope you’ll like my choices.. And M&M @shoesanddrama got your BD piece .. I know you love Istanbul too so brought you a part of it.. No sorry can’t pack a man in a bag lol! #MyIstanbul

  9. After a full day of browsing and Turkish silver jewelry shopping at #TheGrandBazaar .. @drjjkhan can’t wait to show you! It was nice to walk right infront of another #CoffeeBar that was actually on my check list .. Just close to #TheSpiceBazaar .. A much welcomed rest stop! @coffeetopiatr .. Trying their #ColdBrew that takes 24 hours to filter (one drop every 3 seconds) talk about love and care.. Respect to #CoffeeLovers! #Yes! Not too strong my coffee on ice drink suitable for night time (the Ethiopia sidamo dila bean) .. Just right! #CoffeetopiaIstanbul ❤️💋

  10. The highlight of my day today.. Was meeting and talking to the owner of my all time favorite #JazzClub @nardisjazz .. The ever so lovely and inspiring Zuhal Focan.. Loved talking to her about her love for Jazz.. Her hard work to make @nardisjazz what it is today an iconic venue to Jazz lovers in Istanbul and visitors to Istanbul.. She is the editor of the only Jazz magazine in Turkey.. And an organizer for the upcoming Jazz Festival in October.. I’m so inspired by her passion to what she does.. I LOVED HER! ❤️😍😘🎼🎶🎸🎻